Ep 100 2017 a year for surrender // Reflecting on 100 episodes

Looking back on 2017, and 100 episodes of this podcast, the conversation got personal and cathartic.

James Begley, co-host of Rooster Radio and CEO of PickStar, was forced to “surrender to the unknown” in 2017. The year began with big promises and detailed plans for PickStar, before a set of uncontrollable circumstances threw everything up in the air. 

As the company founder, James personally put everything on the line to keep the future of the business secure. It was frustrating, exhilarating, demoralising … but from one year he has come away with a lifetime of learnings, and enormous personal and business growth.

At the transition point of the year, James and Andrew also reflect on their vision, values and goals (if any!).

Then, having reached “the ton” on Rooster Radio, we look back at some of our favourite episodes and the amazing insights that have stuck with us from our favourite interview guests.

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