Ep 57 Luke Southwood on food psychology, the role of a chef in rehab, kitchen counselling

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We sat down for a bite to eat and a chat with Luke Southwood, formerly of MasterChef and now head chef of renowned South Australian restaurant Bistro Dom .. but he's much more than that.

Luke was born in Papua New Guinea and cut his teeth in the kitchens of Barcelona, before taking on some of Australia's finest and most exclusive restaurants.

The most exclusive of all was the Sanctuary at Byron Bay, one of the world's top rehabilitation facilities and programs.

It was here that Luke learned about the link between food and the mind, and developing meals that heal the soul. His explanation of food psychology is fascinating.

Luke has become somewhat of a kitchen counsellor. He has worked with struggling youth and helped them gain a sense of value and self-respect.

It’s particularly interesting when restaurant kitchens are known as stressful, intense and often brutal environments, and we don’t often think about leadership and culture in this context. Luke talks about his own leadership approach and the dynamics of his team.

Luke has an amazing story filled with great insights .. enjoy.

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