Ep 25 Kevin Foley on being “too gutless” to be Premier, brutal politics and ruthless negotiations

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“The more you belted a guy in the face, the better you felt .. the more you destroyed someone’s career .. the better you felt. It was macabre and sick in many ways.”

Kevin Foley was one of the most intimidating, colourful and entertaining characters that South Australian politics has ever seen. 

He thrived on the sport, and the theatre, in his career as SA’s longest serving Deputy Premier, and third longest serving treasurer. 

But he tells Rooster Radio that the bold, “bulldog” approach to politics overcompensated for feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy. 

Which was why, despite having the opportunity to challenge then Premier Mike Rann for the top job, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. 

Despite the vulnerabilities Foley has many top level deals and achievements to his name. He shares the inside stories with Rooster Radio, including the espionage and secret negotiations that led to the masterful Adelaide Oval deal. He also reveals his tips for getting business deals over the line. 

In a wide-ranging discussion, we cover Foley’s journey from school dropout to treasurer, politics then compared to politics now, the most ruthless men in business, and playing the game to get to the top. 

This is Kevin Foley uncut. True to reputation, he is honest, entertaining and outrageous. Warning - there are plenty of naughty words in this episode. 

Kevin Foley Advisory

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