Rooster Radio LIVE with Swell Brewing at the Henry Austin

Rooster Radio pulled together a beer tasting event with Swell Brewing at one of our favourite venues, the Henry Austin in Adelaide, South Australia. 

It was a great night tasting quality craft brews and hanging out with Rooster Radio guests and listeners. If you didn’t get an invite you must not be on our mailing list .. sign up here so you don't miss out on the next one.

We held a short and sharp live interview with Swell’s founder, Dan Wright (links below).

About Dan (in his words):

Travelling North and South America following the surf on a budget meant that there were a lot of very long bus rides. It was during these breaks from the swell, that I began to think about the awesome craft beer industry in the Americas. Why wasn’t there anything like this in Australia?  So out came the journal, and over numerous 10 hour bus rides, the idea for Swell Brewing Co. developed.

As soon as I returned to Australia, I started on my brewing career. Setting up a brewery in our back shed, I worked hard at perfecting my beers. I was a favourite guest at many of my mates houses as I would bring around my brews for feedback sessions. Three years of brewing from scratch, and I felt that my recipes were where I wanted them to be. I still use the shed brewery for all of my brewing trials. I am currently working on an Amber Ale and a special release Dark Ale.

In my non-brewing life, I run my own viticultural consulting business in McLaren Vale, Swell Viticulture, looking after a vineyard called Rayments Block which produces premium fruit for Penfolds and Wirra Wirra wines..

Find out more about Swell Brewing here.

And if you’re in Adelaide, put the Henry Austin at the top of your list for dinner and drinks.

And a big thanks to Logia Media for coming down and picking up some footage!

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