Ep 58 Dr John Greenwood on the will to live, burn trauma and developing a skin factory

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To remove a burn you need a six inch blade and a steady hand, our guest Dr John Greenwood says.

This is just one part of a day in the life of the renowned plastic surgeon and Medical Director of the Adult Burn Centre at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Dr Greenwood looks after 450 acute burns patients each year across South Australia, Northern Territory and parts of New South Wales and Victoria. He heads up Australia’s only mobile burn response unit, and in the aftermath of the Bali bombings worked a 36 hour shift treating victims and saving lives.

Working in a world of life and death, Dr Greenwood shares his learnings about the will to live, resilience and responding to trauma.

Outside of surgery, Dr Greenwood is leading groundbreaking research and developing innovative new products that will soon achieve his goal to replace the skin graft .. it’s fascinating, and includes the development of what we can only describe as a "skin factory".

He’s an Englishman who was crowned an Australian of the Year, and a music lover with a dark sense of humour. Enjoy our chat.

We also recommend you check out the Burns Trust and support the work they’re doing in the community - find out more here

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