Ep 61 Farrin Foster on authentic cities, toxic politics and independent media

CityMag editor Farrin Foster is driving a new conversation about its city, Adelaide, highlighting stories of resilience and potential against the backdrop of economic uncertainty.

CityMag has become a media outlet for culture, entrepreneurship and creativity .. and a much needed voice for young people. 

Through this lens, Farrin has learned a lot about what makes authentic, thriving cities.

But Farrin says independent media, and the wider media in general, faces enormous challenges, which we've also discussed in previous episodes. Broken business models have seen journalistic values compromised and the rise of sponsored content.

It's also put more pressure on the media's relationship with politics, a relationship that Farrin says is "toxic". She's seen it from the perspective of a journalist, and also a political adviser.

We cover this and much more in this episode of Rooster Radio.

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