Ep 62 Natasha Malani on accessing India, developing leaders and the case for local government

Natasha Malani helps Australian companies access the Indian market, helps grow leaders and also serves as a local government councillor in Adelaide. Three worlds that seem separate, but as Natasha tells us, they are very much linked. 

Natasha talks about how she went from not appreciating her Indian heritage to championing the country as a place to go for ambitious Australian business owners.

For an entrepreneurial person, entering local government could seem like an odd move, some perceptions of local councils are more about parking tickets and red tape than innovation, but Natasha explains the changing dynamic and why she’s encouraging young business leaders to get involved local government.

A bit more about Natasha:

She is Area Councillor at Adelaide City Council and served as Deputy Lord Mayor in 2014 and early 2015. 

Natasha is the Director of South Australian Leaders, a leadership program supporting the growth and innovation of South Australian SME’s.

She also manages her own consultancy ‘Access India’, helping Australian companies develop market entry strategies into India. Prior to this she was the General Manager of the Australia India Business Council and former Board Member of the Council for International Trade (SA).

More information:

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