Session 2 "The Biggest Rooster" series: Fitness Experiment

The second session of our "Biggest Rooster" health and fitness experiment confirmed that this series is much more difficult when we expected.

We didn't prepare - for our diet, or to integrate our program with our interstate trip - and we paid the price. 

Remembering that our primary goals for this experiment are: 

- Establish healthy habits and routines

- Be consistent (with training and healthy eating, irrespective of work, kids, messy schedules etc.)

This short episode is from the gym floor after our second personal training session, reviewing the program and where we're at.

Session 2:

1km rower time trial
Max Chin-ups superset with walking lunges
Slam Balls (6, 9, 12, 15kg) 2 rounds
1 min walk ball
2 rounds

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Leading personal trainer Jack Errington, Founder of Fit Factory, has put together a five week diet and training program tailored for the Roosters.

After each session we're going to record an episode updating our progress, and continue to update via the podcast and our blog. No BS - we're going to be real. If we skip sessions, miss meals, drink too many beers etc. we'll be up front and share what we're learning along the way. 

All the series details and programs are here.

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