Ep 26 Matthew Pavlich on vulnerable leadership, "blue chip" personal branding, defining success

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It can be lonely being a high profile leader and AFL captain, Matthew Pavlich says.

As an AFL superstar given the responsibility of leading his team, Pavlich struggled to live up to his own perception that AFL captains had to be perfect. 

But over time he learned that it was more important to be vulnerable, and show his teammates who he really was, and he talks about a defining moment where he did just that at a powerful bonfire chat with his team at a pre-season camp.

In his 17th year at AFL level, Pavlich has fallen just short of a Premiership. If he doesn’t win one this season, in what is likely to be his last year, he’s ok with that. He now has a holistic view of what success really is, and it includes his roles as a husband, father and businessman.

And Pavlich is ready to make an impact in the corporate world. The AFL Players Association President, MBA student, brand ambassador and startup co-founder has been preparing for life after football since the day he was drafted. 

He has built one of the best “blue chip” personal brands of any AFL player, developed off the back of an unwavering commitment to his values.

Rooster Radio was lucky to get half an hour with Pavlich the night before a game in Adelaide.

Pavlich and James Begley are the co-founders of PickStar, the place to connect with sports stars and high profile people for any commercial engagement or experience you can imagine. Check out PickStar.

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