Ep 46 Nick Mitzevich on the future of art: Inclusive, innovative, controversial and profitable

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Nick Mitzevich is one of the most influential people in Australian art, making a name for himself as the young, innovative and sometimes controversial director of the Art Gallery of South Australia.

No one, including Nick, could’ve imagined he’d be where he is today. Born to Greek/Macedonian farmers in rural New South Wales, who had no interest in art, a chance discovery at school sparked his artistic interests. He’d then spend hours on buses and trains just to get to the nearest gallery.

Nick found it difficult to fit in at school. “I was a freak and a second class citizen,” he says. But it didn’t stop his growing love for art. In fact, he was inspired to become a school teacher, but it was a career which only lasted a few months.

However, teaching is at the core of what Nick does today. He’s passionate about helping people learn about art through “thinking, feeling and looking".

It’s part of Nick’s commitment to smashing the “snobby” art stigma and throwing open the doors to children and the wider public, as well as art enthusiasts.

This doesn’t mean he shies away from controversy, in fact he embraces it as a way to challenge and stay at the cutting edge.

In this interview, we also talk about:

- Arts entrepreneurship and innovation
- His vision a new centre and the cultural and economic benefits
- How to consume art
- How he chooses art for his gallery
- Much more!

Connect with Nick at the Art Gallery of SA.

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