Session 3: "The Biggest Rooster" Series: A Fitness Experiment

It has become clear that we couldn’t have timed this "Biggest Rooster" series more poorly. 

It has coincided with work trips to Sydney, Melbourne, and then at the time of recording this episode, we were about to head off to Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Even though the travel has made sticking with our diet and training much more difficult, we think it is a good case study, so we’re sticking with it.

Jack Errington, personal trainer from Fit Factory, reviews our progress ... PLUS more tips about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling, some interesting information about the impact of caffeine .. and .. at the opposite end of the spectrum to us .. Jack talks about how he’s preparing for a bodybuilding competition.

Session 3, upper body:

Warm up rowing machine, body weight rows, seated row with superset “pulses”, dumbbell benchpress, “dead stop” shoulder press, tricep pushdowns.

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Leading personal trainer Jack Errington, Founder of Fit Factory, has put together a five week diet and training program tailored for the Roosters.

After each session we're going to record an episode updating our progress, and continue to update via the podcast and our blog. No BS - we're going to be real. If we skip sessions, miss meals, drink too many beers etc. we'll be up front and share what we're learning along the way. 

All the series details and programs are here.

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