LIVE with the Engine Room: Wayne Lewis on what it takes to run a blockbuster visual effects company

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Wayne Lewis’ company, the globally acclaimed Rising Sun Pictures, has produced visual effects over 100 films including blockbusters such as X-Men and the many others in the Marvel series, Gravity, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, and even THAT explosive scene from the most recent Game of Thrones series.

Working on the world’s biggest movies, with the biggest names in Hollywood, sounds glamorous. Speaking at a live Engine Room event with Rooster Radio, Wayne reveals just how complex his business is.

RSP’s work is project based, which means revenue has rollercoaster-like peaks and troughs. As such, staffing is freelancer driven. In a couple of weeks, his team can grow from 50 to 200 staff from 30 different countries. Wayne shares how RSP maintains quality control and culture, and how he works with Hollywood and runs a global company from Adelaide.

Ultimately, it comes down to systems and project management. Does that kill creativity? In Wayne’s words: “That’s crap”, and he tells you why.

Prior to the interview, Wayne showed event attendees some of their amazing work and we recommend you check out the Rising Sun Pictures website .. amazing.

We collaborated with the Engine Room for this event, a group that supports the next generation of South Australian business leaders, bringing them together and helping their companies grow.

If you’re a South Australian business owner and want to get involved with the Engine Room, sign up here. And thanks to BDO Adelaide for hosting us.

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