Ep 50 Tammy Barton (formerly May) on humble beginnings to shaping the future of money management

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Tammy Barton, who you’d likely know as Tammy May, is one of Australia’s top entrepreneurs, but we get the feeling there's still much more success to come.

Tammy is the founder of MyBudget, a personal budget management company that has served more than 50,000 clients with a turnover of $34 million.

When you know how thousands of people use their money, including history and future plans, the possibilities are endless, and Tammy talks about her plans to use their incredibly powerful and unique data set to create the future of money management.

Central to the growth strategy for the company, which is headquartered in Adelaide with offices across Australia, is global expansion.

For the BRW “Young Rich Lister” (a title Tammy disputes, by the way), it’s a long way from her modest upbringing in Adelaide's southern suburbs, where she lived with a brother who has an intellectual and developmental disability, and a Dad who instilled Tammy with the self-belief she has today.

Tammy also talks about the early days of MyBudget where she would personally manage the process manually, visiting the bank branch to make payments for each client every day. 

We cover this and more in our interview, including great advice for dealing with sceptics, hiring and firing, marketing and money management.

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