Ep 52 Dr Bianca Price on the influence of attractiveness in business

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Attractiveness has become a bit of cliche in marketing and advertising. But does the attractiveness of a sales person really impact a consumer's buying decision? Do looks matter?

The short answer is yes, and there's a science behind it, which is the key focus for Dr Bianca Price, who shares her fascinating insights on Rooster Radio.

Bianca is a Lecturer in Foundation Studies at UniSA and holds a Ph.D. in Business. Her thesis and ongoing research explores the role of physical attractiveness for women in the staff customer interface … and draws on elements of advertising theory, psychology, consumer behaviour, as well as general management and marketing theories.

When Bianca applied to focus her PhD on attractiveness, which at the time was largely viewed as subjective, she was laughed at by many of her peers.

But Bianca’s learnings, shared in this episode, are interesting and important particularly for those who are in business, sales or marketing, or just interested in human behaviour.

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