Rooster Radio partners with InDaily

We've been collaborating with InDaily for a while, but now our partnership has been formalised

I started the podcast with James Begley in October 2015 as an experiment.. At the time of writing we're approaching 50 episodes, and have had the privilege of sitting down for long conversations with some of the top performers in Adelaide, Australia and even the world. 

Rooster Radio has found natural synergies with InDaily; new media, long-form content, a willingness to dig a little deeper, often with an Adelaide-related angle. 

InDaily's mantra of "informative, intelligent and inspiring" sits perfectly with our guests and listeners. 

On a practical level, InDaily has been writing up news features from our interviews and plugging in our audio player into their articles. This been an important driver for our growth and brand over the last year. It has enabled InDaily to diversify its offering and gain access to interviews that have become among their most read articles of the year (and without draining their own resources). It is an interesting case study for the future of media, and we have plans to explore other ideas soon.   

Formalising our partnership provides more structure and also enables us to commercialise our offering, and provide truly unique content and advertising solutions.

Interested in working with us? Please get in touch.

- Andrew Montesi