Ep 66 Geoff Kwitko on the formula for startup success, data driven entrepreneurship, digitising human behaviour

Prepare to tap into the genius of Geoff Kwitko, and we don’t use the term “genius" lightly. 

Geoff started coding software at around eight years old, and by the age of 25 he had founded and sold three companies while graduating top of his university with two bachelors degrees.  

Geoff has also helped a number of other business owners grow and sell their companies.  

There are few people in the world with Geoff’s rare ability to expertly understand and integrate technology, marketing, psychology and business strategy. He finds value and opportunity because most people falsely believe that the rules of the game of business can’t be changed. 

He is now a “gun for hire”, specialising in startups and also turning traditional companies into scaleable and systemised operations. He once kept his extensive knowledge to himself, but now has a passion for sharing all he has learned through consulting and training teams.

Geoff looks at all things, including tech, business and human behaviour, with a data driven approach.

With a brilliant mind comes many highs but also lows. Geoff talks about struggling with a lack of purpose, and depression, after his selling his companies, and says mental health support for entrepreneurs is a huge unmet need.

There is so much gold in this episode. We also talked about:

- The recipe for going viral

- Geoff’s formula for business success

- Learning hacks that helped Geoff juggle multiple businesses and two university degrees at one time

- And so much more.

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