Ep 65 Global trend forecaster Kristina Dryza on the past, present and the possible

Kristina Dryza is a global trend forecaster who is rated one of the world’s top female futurists. 

Kristina was raised in Adelaide but has been based between London, New York, LA, Tokyo, Hawaii and Sydney, working with international brands such as IKEA, Virgin Atlantic, Nestle, Vodafone, BP, AOL, Nissan and many more.

Her work focuses on the past, present and the possible. She observes systems, processes and life with an emphasis on the “now” moment and relates it to corporate strategies, products, services and experiences. Ultimately, Kristina gives her clients context, and helps them sense the future. 

She shares many important insights, especially as you think and plan for 2017.

We talk about a number of emerging social, cultural and consumer trends and issues, including:

- Breaking through the social media echo chamber
- The need for humans to get in sync particularly with nature’s rythyms
- The purpose economy
- The experience economy
- The need for an information detox
- And a discernment filter

We also talk about time, particularly "on time" versus "in time”, feeling versus thinking, and so much more.

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