Ep 70 Nidal Rasheed’s lessons from hustling lollies, burn out and building wealth through property

The business career of Nidal Rasheed, entrepreneur and founder of Silvertail Property Group, began as teenager with network marketing and lolly vending machines. Selling sugary treats was so profitable it helped him pay his way through university.

But it was Nidal’s move into the restaurant game that became a baptism of fire. The 22 year old was struggling to manage staff, trying to do it all and then found himself in hospital due to stress. At that point he was sent overseas by his parents to recalibrate. 

Nidal came back with a renewed focus and drive, throwing himself into property sales, paying off his restaurant debts and quickly becoming the most successful salesman at his company nationally. 

It could’ve been easy to enjoy the fruits of sales but the passion for business was still there. He quit and started Silvertail Property Group from his kitchen table, with zero clients and a simple plan to help property investors with their projects from start to finish.

Within a couple of years Silvertail had helped hundreds of clients and had grown to become a national, award winning company.

Nidal shares his story as well as business lessons and wealth building advice.

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