Ep 69 How Joseph Mencel grew Massive Joes from a side project into a fitness empire

Massive Joes is a household name in the fitness industry in Australia and even internationally, but it is a business story that isn’t widely known. 

Founder Joseph Mencel, 31, has grown the company into one of Australia’s largest supplement retailers, with a booming web business, eight stores across Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne, another one opening soon in Sydney, and a separate apparel company that’s growing globally. 

Joe explains how he has built brand loyalty that most companies can only dream of. Massive Joes has a highly engaged social media community of one million users, and gyms are filled with people proudly wearing the Team Massive Joes brand.

Joe benefits from being a first mover. He started importing supplements over a decade ago when few products were available locally, and he profited from launching the first supplement eBay store before building the first version of massivejoes.com

Amazingly, the company remained a side project for a number of years while Joe completed mechanical engineering and law degrees. After a stint in the Santos legal department, he decided to throw himself into Massive Joes full time. 

Joe takes us through the evolution of the company, the power and traps of social media, his vision for the business, and personally, how he lives the values of Massive Joes both as a CEO and bodybuilder. 

Massive Joes: http://www.massivejoes.com

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