Ep 74 Jon and Sarah Lark on the seachange that led to the making of Australia's best gin

Jon and Sarah Lark have been at the forefront of a thriving Australian craft spirits industry for the last ten years, and have won awards for their gin all over the world, including Australia's best gin. 

It all started with a seachange. The couple visited Kangaroo Island while on honeymoon, and decided it was the perfect place to set up their own distillery, on a hunch that gin was about to make a comeback. They weren’t wrong. 

With a little help from Jon’s brother, Bill, known as the godfather of whisky in Tasmania, KI Spirits is now producing the most sought after gin. Their cellar door is a tourist destination on the Island, business is booming and the gin market is growing. 

Jon and Sarah share their story, which has great successes and many challenges - including export tax, and the logistics of working on the island.

We also get a great little lesson on the history of gin, and the distilling process. 

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