Ep 76 Prof. David David on "everyday miracles” and pioneering craniofacial care

Professor David David, the world’s leading craniofacial expert, has spent three decades restoring dignity for thousands of patients from all corners of the globe.

Professor David performs “everyday miracles” for people who would otherwise be facing conditions that are limiting, debilitating and often life-threatening - such as distortion of the face and skull, cleft lip and palate deformities, facial growth anomalies as well as tumours and other facial issues that require reconstructive surgery.

The acclaimed humanitarian has been awarded a Companion of the Order of Australia, the ANZAC Peace Award and South Australian of the Decade. 

Professor David describes himself as an average student who was talked into pursuing a medical career, but says his turning point came while training under inspirational doctors in Paris. 

He returned to Adelaide to establish the Australian Craniofacial Unit in 1975, and it remains the world’s top medical centre in its field, pioneered a specialised, multidisciplinary approach to care in a care process that involves many surgeries over many years for most patients.

Professor David talks about the complexity of his work, his amazing patients, handling pressure, overcoming bureaucracy and much more.


Australian Craniofacial Unit.

Craniofacial Australia. 

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