Ep 77 For the love of podcasting

In a change up for Rooster Radio listeners, James Begley interviews his co-host Andrew Montesi about podcasting. 

We are in the midst of a podcasting revolution - around 60 million people listen to podcasts every month in the US, and in Australia soon 1 in 2 people will be tuning in to the medium. 

Early Rooster Radio listeners who have been on the journey with us will recall the show's early, terribly produced episodes (which are still available on our episode list *cringe*) and how the program continues to evolve.

For Andrew, a former journo who has been producing content of all kinds for 13+ years, the podcast was an experiment which quickly turned into something much more.

In this episode, he talks about why he believes podcasts are the most powerful media, how to start a show, the tech required, lessons learned and much more.

For enquiries about podcast services, connect with Andrew.

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