Ep 79 How Finn Peacock rejected the ‘9 to 5’ and built a multi-million dollar business

Finn Peacock's decision to quit the '9 to 5' life led him to build a home based business that now generates $3 million in annual revenue. 

Finn was an engineer earning good money in a job with the CSIRO that most people would aspire to. But he hated it. The bureaucracy was so frustrating that it was impacting all aspects of his life. 

On the back of some passive income from e-book sales, and some inspiration from Tim Ferriss’ iconic book the Four Hour Work Week, he quit his full-time job. 

And that wasn’t all. With two kids and another on the way, he sold the family home and began a journey from campsite to caravan park down the east coast of Australia, while running his e-book business from his laptop.

But it wasn’t e-books that would take Finn to the next level. With a passion for renewable energy and a booming market for solar, he started a website called Solar Quotes, a lead generation business that enables people to get three quotes from reputable, local Solar installers. 

Around 300,000 people have used the site to get quotes. Finn talks about his amazing growth and content strategies, as well as the tough stuff, which included being banished from Google search results for a year. 

Finn has strong opinions about how to build a business and has grave concerns about the model for building startups, which largely relies on VC money (we should also point out that Finn hasn’t taken a cent of investment while building Solar Quotes). 

There’s a heap of gold in this episode, especially for people looking to forge their own path in business and life. 

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