Ep 80 David Cooke on the long game of urban design and the making and breaking of cities

David Cooke uses his urban design knowledge and global experience to address the urban renewal challenges that face Australian cities.

David is an internationally qualified Urban Designer, registered Architect, accredited Planner.

He is the Director of City Collective, a design studio that works across Australia and the world. He was the first South Australian to be awarded a prestigious scholarship at the University of California, Berkeley, in their intensive Masters of Urban Design program. 

David shares his deep insights into the impact that major sporting events can have on cities - winning an Olympic and Commonwealth Games bid can make or break a city, depending on the organisers’ approach to urban planning. 

We talk about 'Smart Cities’, an aspirational phrase talked about by many governments and planners but not widely understood. David reveals what we can learn from the high tech cities that have been reborn out of the US “rust belt”, and the steps that can be taken to address current critical issues in Australia, such as housing affordability. 

A successful urban designer specialises in long term thinking, as much as decades ahead of present day. David talks about how his planning approach, and much more. 

Find out more about City Collective.

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