Ep 86 'The jump’ case study (Part 1): Paul van der Linden’s hopes and fears after quitting IBM

The one topic that resonates with Rooster Radio listeners the most is 'the jump'. The challenge of leaving the safety net of a comfortable full time job to pursue your dreams in business. 

Over a few beers, Rooster Radio co-host James recently got talking to Paul van der Linden, a man who is going through this exact process. 

He’s an experienced systems architect, who has spent the last seven years in a senior role at IBM. It’s a great gig. And yet, he’s quit to start his own business. 

Paul has agreed to be a Rooster Radio case study. He's allowing us to share his journey on the podcast, the good, bad and ugly, over a series of episodes.

To kick things off, Paul talks about his story .. the reasons why he’s making the jump into his own business, the hopes, fears, and challenges. 

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