Ep 87 Joshua Burchell’s million dollar bedroom business, flipping websites and Amazon sales secrets

At a recent family dinner, Rooster Radio's Andrew finally got to have a decent chat with the English lad who will soon marry his cousin, Emma .. Joshua Burchell.

After hearing Josh's business story, he had to get him onto Rooster Radio.

At 17, Josh started his first business from his bedroom with little more than 1000 pounds and the name of a Chinese manufacturer, which was given to him by a friend. This was in the early 2000s before the online shopping boom.

After successfully importing and selling one product, Josh reinvested, moving more and more products online. In the blink of an eye he was generating tens of thousands of pounds of revenue each month.

Business then went to ANOTHER level when he started buying up cheap stock from a major electrical retailer and selling it at scale via Amazon, which helped push annual revenue beyond a million pounds.  

As the online market changed, so did Josh’s strategy. Taking what he’d learned about online retail and Amazon, he bought up businesses without an online presence, gave them an online sales funnel, and flipped them at a higher price. His companies covered everything from car headlights to candles.

Josh talks about his story, what he’s learned about online retail and sales, moving fast and cashing in on opportunities, how Amazon will impact Australia and much more.  

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