Ep 92 Steven Marshall’s leadership evolution and the curse of Opposition

How much do you know about the Leader of the South Australian Liberal Party, Steven Marshall?

Not much, a lot of South Australians would confess. Some others would say "he’s negative”.

Steven says his image is influenced by a daily media cycle where the most he can often hope for is a few seconds to criticise the State Government. This, he says, is the frustrating “curse of the opposition.”

Steven Marshall podcast

During our interview at Parliament House, Steven is anything but negative. He’s relaxed, engaging and jovial. 

Maybe because the 2018 election draws closer, where he'll get another chance to break a 16-year run of Labor governance. 

This was expected to happen in 2014, but Steven admits that he and his party blew it. He talks about the aftermath, keeping the team together, learning from mistakes and his personal evolution as a leader.

Steven still draws on his much talked about background in business, structuring goals and KPIs like most company directors. He is mentored by former Prime Minister John Howard, and still takes a call from his Dad every day .. who remains a big influence on his life. 

We also talk about the challenge of articulating his vision, the personal toll of politics and try to reveal a little more of the real Steven Marshall.

Leader of the Liberal Party of South Australia, Steven Marshall on Rooster Radio

Leader of the Liberal Party of South Australia, Steven Marshall on Rooster Radio

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