Ep 93 How Troye Wallett and Sebastian Rees built a ‘virtual doctor’s practice’, ageing conversations

Dr Troye Wallett and Dr Sebastian Rees are changing with way GPs do business through their company, GenWise. 

As GPs themselves, Troye and Sebastian built GenWise to solve their own problems around practice management in the aged care sector.

Now the platform is being embraced by doctors and patients Australia wide. GenWise was recently crowned Australian Business of the Year at the prestigious Telstra Business Awards. 

GenWise is a virtual practice with no bricks and mortar clinic, boosting efficiencies and lowering costs with its innovative “practice in your pocket”. 

Troye and Sebastian talk about the future of health and improving the disconnect between patients and the health system. We also had a fascinating and philosophical discussion about ageing and death, and how our fear of talking about these issues is holding us back.

There’s this and so much more, as Troye Wallett and Sebastien Rees share their stories and insights.

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