Ep 90 Michael Johnson on the truth about happiness and positivity, becoming the ‘Mojo Master'

Michael Johnson is ‘The Mojo Master’, a man who has built a thriving, global business by helping people shift their mindsets to grow personally and financially. 

Michael had a tough childhood. He struggled at school - academically and socially. He was told he’d never make it and was ultimately expelled for fighting, a response to years of bullying. He battled depression to the point of considering suicide. 

But there were a couple of key transition points that helped Michael completely shift his mindset and his life. Now, as the Mojo Master, he’s committed to helping others do the same. 

Through events, online programs, mentoring and coaching, Michael works with some of the world’s top performers in their fields, along with every day people. 

And not only it is fulfilling, it is highly profitable. On the back of 700% growth, Michael has had to quickly build a team to support his ventures. 

Michael shares his story, along with a huge amount of insight around personal purpose and values, the truth about ‘happiness’ and ‘positivity’, accepting the balance of good and bad in life .. and much more. 

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