Ep 101 How Kevin Graham quit the suburban life and became a 'digital nomad' within months

In 2014, Kevin Graham was doing pretty well for himself in South Australia, working in online marketing and doing a few property investments. Then he decided to drop everything and move to Chiang Mai, Thailand .. even though he'd never even travelled to Asia before! 

Rooster Radio sat down with Kevin for a really interesting case study on how to go from a fairly typical suburban life to ‘digital nomad’ in a matter of months.

Even though the term is a little cliche, 'digital nomads' are basically people who leverage technology to work when and wherever they want - and it’s become a big lifestyle trend.  

Step by step, Kevin tells us how he did it. The practical side - research, planning and logistics; and of course the business - how he’s earning an amazing income from affiliate marketing and 'flipping’ websites. Kevin shares the tips and traps. 

It’s not all sipping cocktails by the beach. Kevin talks about lifestyle fantasy versus reality, and personal lessons learned from the adventure so far.

Connect with Kevin Graham here.

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