Ep 102 Andrew Zweck on Live Aid, partying with Queen and promoting the world’s biggest music acts

Andrew Zweck is one of the most influential men in international live music.

He has worked with Pink Floyd, the Rolling Stones, Queen, The Who, David Bowie, Elton John, The Police, Bob Dylan, Depeche Mode, Madonna, Justin Bieber .. to name just a few of the huge names he has acted for as a promoter or agent.

He worked alongside Bob Geldof on the famous Live Aid concert and partied with the likes of Freddie Mercury.

It’s a remarkable career for a man born in Blyth, in country South Australia. After finishing university in 1974, Andrew went backpacking through Europe and took a job as a stage hand at Hammer-Smith Odeon. He never looked back. 

With some smarts, ambition and a bit of luck, Andrew found himself front and centre for a golden era of music.

He talks about his pathway - unforgettable moments, as well as his toughest times in the music business, the business model of music back then and now, the crazy cash global stars can earn on tour AND at private parties, managing tour logistics AND egos .. and so much more.

It’s a fascinating story. Enjoy our chat with Andrew Zweck.

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