Ep 112 SouthStart Series - Antony Ceravolo on witnessing 9/11, a $300 million exit and changing the world of workplaces

"I opened my cab door that morning, and watched the first plane crash into the building above our heads."

Antony Ceravolo was living the corporate life as an investment banker in New York's World Trade Center when he saw the 9/11 attacks happen in front of his eyes. It was the series of moments that would change the world, including his own. In the fallout, many investment bankers lost their jobs and Antony was forced to turn to his own business ideas.

Now, Antony is known for building global tech companies. First there was Red Bus Media, an out of home media network, and then LoveFilm, a DVD distribution and video streaming company that Antony sold to Amazon for around $AU300 million.

He could’ve comfortably stopped there. Instead, he moved home to Adelaide and built his next company, Sine, developing technology to make it easy for visitors, contractors and staff to check in to the everyday locations they attend. Sine has checked in more than 20 million visitors, working with some of the world’s biggest brands as well as every day businesses.

Antony shares his amazing story, as well as insights about winning early customers, scaling businesses and dealing with growing pains, why he has chosen Adelaide to build his global business .. and much, much more.

Antony is speaking at Southstart in 2018, a conference that celebrates the collision of people, ideas and technology on 22 and 23 November 2018 in Adelaide. Make sure you join and support Adelaide’s startup community.

More info on SouthStart here

More info on Sine

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