Ep 114 How Tobi Pearce built global fitness empire, Sweat

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Tobi Pearce and his fiancee Kayla Itsines are behind the remarkable Adelaide based fitness empire Sweat, which is hitting around $100 million in annual revenue, and saw the couple’s wealth valued at $486 million on the AFR Young Rich List in 2018.

The company was initially built on the back of Kayla’s unbelievable social media presence (which by the way has passed 10 million followers on Instagram and 23 million on Facebook) and their product, the Bikini Body Guide - giving users a work out plan, nutrition information, recipes and more.

Now, Sweat is becoming the ’Netflix of health and fitness’ with millions around the world consuming content on a monthly subscription via the Sweat app.

It is hard to believe that just 10 years ago, Tobi was homeless and trying to find his way in life.

We talk about his personal journey and meeting Kayla.

We go deep into the mechanics of how the duo built this amazing company and the strategy behind it.

Tobi also talks about managing rapid growth, leadership, dealing with success and the limelight, building in Adelaide and so much more.

Tobi is a fascinating guy with plenty of surprises, including a musical background which may just be one of the secrets to his success.

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