Ep 111 SouthStart Series - Craig Swann on the early internet, innovating music and community

Rooster Radio is back with our SouthStart series, which we’re excited about. We’re interviewing some of the stars of the Southstart Conference, which celebrates the collision of people, ideas and technology in Adelaide on November 21 to 23 in 2018.

And first cab off the rank is the man behind SouthStart in 2018, Craig Swann. SouthStart fell into the hands of Craig and his business partners last year, and he has done an amazing job pulling together a world class event and activating an 'interesting' startup community in Adelaide.

Craig is a highly successful global innovator, in his own right. The Canadian founded companies in New York City, including award winning interactive agency CRASHMEDIA and the internet’s first online music studio, Looplabs.

Millions of people have benefited from Craig’s innovations, including Steve Jobs, who demoed Looplabs for the launch of the Safari Browser at an Apple Keynote. Craig has since become an industry thought leader in the interactive music space; authoring books, speaking internationally, teaching, curating technology events and developing and licensing customized online music experiences for top global brands.

He has received special recognition at SxSW and has won the prestigious Webby Award.

As you listen to Craig’s fascinating story, make sure you open your browser now and check out southstart.co. Southstart is activating Adelaide’s startup community by bringing together innovators, creators, founders and investors.

More info on SouthStart here

Check out Looplabs

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