Ep 115 The richness of the experience

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We end 2018 with some reflection, picking up on an episode we recorded almost a year ago to the day.

It was episode 100, when Rooster Radio co-host James Begley unpacked what was the hardest year of his life, in raw detail.

A number of our listeners were a bit stunned - it seems not many people understand the financial and personal impact that running a startup can have. After posting the episode, there were more than a few phone calls from concerned mates asking if Begs was holding up ok.

(But there are many gold nuggets on business and resilience in that episode, so make sure you wind back to episode 100 if you haven’t already - here's the link.)

Now, a year later, a lot has happened since that fateful episode. The rollercoaster has continued, but this time with more amazing successes and achievements. James' startup PickStar got funded, launched new tech, grew significantly and the future looks bright .. and yet, of course, ’the unknown' always remains.

So in this episode, Andrew put Begs under the microscope … enjoy the insights and reflections.

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