Ep 109 What we can learn from Finland’s culture of entrepreneurship, with Andre Noel Chaker

Most governments and leaders are grappling with the challenge of transitioning to a culture of innovation where both people and business prosper. Finland has done this, and more.

Rooster Radio jumped onto Skype and called in to Helsinki for an interview with Andre Noel Chaker, who has spent more than 25 years living in Finland studying it’s business culture.

His books, The Finnish Miracle and The Finnish Miracle - One Hundred Years of Success, are best sellers, revealing Nordic insights into achieving business and personal success.

You’re probably asking .. why Finland and why should we care?

Andre tells us that Finland has developed a culture of entrepreneurship, courage, trust and invested heavily into its people. The economic and social outcomes have been remarkable, and there is much for countries like Australia to learn.

Andre will be in Adelaide sharing his insights at Hybrid World, a tech conference held on July 23 and 24, 2018.

Also within the event is HWA LAB, which brings together entrepreneurs and mentors to collaborate and develop new projects, products and plans that use digital technology to further advance their industry.

Find out more about Hybrid World.

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