Ep 97 Andrew Buttery on the high stakes game of exporting wine into China, rediscovering his Mojo

Andrew Buttery shares the story of his remarkable business adventure in China, which proved incredibly lucrative, before it hit a Great Wall of a different kind.

It started with Gemtree Wines, the Buttery family business of which Andrew was managing director. Business was good, but upon meeting a Chinese investor, things took a dramatic turn. 

It took three years for Andrew to facilitate the relationship and then a partnership in China, but it paid off for the company, big time. Gemtree was growing at a staggering rate and was the export poster child for the South Australian government. 

Until the Chinese partner’s business began to crumble.

Andrew then packed his bags and moved to China, on a mission to save both the partner’s company, and his own.

Andrew shares his amazing story, with stacks insights and lessons learned about doing business in China, along with the personal toll - he ended up leaving the family business, completely burnt out.   

Andrew is now rejuvenated and working with Organic and Raw, a beverage company growing at a rapid rate on the back of its Mojo Kombucha drink, which is another great story in its own right. 

Organic and Raw (Mojo Kombucha)

Gemtree Wines

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