Ep 94 Beers in the office with hospitality entrepreneur Josh Baker and property leader John Savva

The great thing about having an office nestled amongst Adelaide’s small bars is we get lots of visitors, many who are looking for someone to have a drink with. And on this day, we decided to put the microphone in front of a couple of them (see below). 

Early Rooster Radio listeners will remember Josh Baker from RRE2, our first interview which is still one of our most popular, despite our cringeworthy production. And he was overdue for a follow up interview.

Josh is Adelaide’s most well known hospitality entrepreneur, who has changed the city through his venues and small bars, including Clever Little Tailor, Pink Moon Saloon, Whistle and Flute among others, along with a couple of new and ambitious venues that are opening soon. 

Josh talks about his personal and professional evolution since our last interview, international plans and much more. 

Then, we kept the mics on as Josh’s mentor, John Savva from Leedwell Property, strolled into the office. John has had amazing success with his company that provides property services across retail, industrial and commercial. 

Josh and John talk about the impact of their relationship, the art of the deal, and many other business and property insights.

Crack a can and enjoy this impromptu chat with two people who are absolutely excelling in their fields.

Josh Baker - Clever Little Tailor, Pink Moon Saloon, Whistle and Flute, Port Admiral Hotel

John Savva - Leedwell Property

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