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Ep 104 The case for a medical cannabis industry in Australia (live at the Adelaide Podcast Festival with Ben Fitzsimons) iTunes | Whooshkaa

Ep 103 “Pioneers by default”: Burger Theory’s food revolution, with Rob Dean and Dan Mendelson iTunes | Stitcher

Ep 102 Andrew Zweck on Live Aid, partying with Queen and promoting the world’s biggest music acts iTunes | Stitcher

Ep 101 How Kevin Graham quit the suburban life and became a 'digital nomad' within months  iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 100 2017 a year for surrender // Reflecting on 100 episodes iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 99 Dr Elaine Stead on the human side of venture capital, tackling mental health taboos, authenticity iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 98 Why Australia's greatest Paralympian Matt Cowdrey has jumped into politics iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 97 Andrew Buttery on the high stakes game of exporting wine into China, rediscovering his Mojo iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 96 Michael Brett on how quantum computing will change the world iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 95 How Greg Mackie found success in the unlikely mix of business, government and the arts iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 94 Beers in the office with hospitality entrepreneur Josh Baker and property leader John Savva iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 93 How Troye Wallett and Sebastian Rees built a ‘virtual doctor’s practice’, ageing conversations iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 92 Steven Marshall's leadership evolution and the curse of Opposition iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 91 Ali Clarke on brutal breakfast radio, criticism and compelling content iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 90 Michael Johnson on the truth about happiness and positivity, becoming the ‘Mojo Master' iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 89 What Ben Baker has learned from photographing the world’s most powerful people iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 88 How the Hon Chief Justice Kourakis went from the family farm to influencing the justice system iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 87 Joshua Burchell’s million dollar bedroom business, flipping websites and Amazon sales secrets iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 86 The ‘jump’ case study (Part 1): Paul van der Linden’s hopes and fears after quitting IBM iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 85 Building the ecosystem and driving growth in online marketplaces (live panel at SouthStart) iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 84 Beyond the hype of IoT & autonomous vehicles with Dr Alex Grant (live at SouthStart) iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 83 Risky business iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 82 Anthony Minichiello on the evolution of NRL and tackling life after sport iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 81 Crispian Fielke’s journey from the family farm to owning the 'world’s best' bars iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 80 David Cooke on the long game of urban design and the making and breaking of cities iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 79 How Finn Peacock rejected the ‘9 to 5’ and built a multi-million dollar business iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 78 How to build a multisided online marketplace with James Begley iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 77 For the love of podcasting (Andrew Montesi talks about making podcasts) iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 76 Prof. David David on "everyday miracles” and pioneering craniofacial care iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 75 How Simon Phillips handles the big name stage shows, global stars and criticism iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 74 Jon and Sarah Lark on the seachange that led to the making of Australia's best gin iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 73 Geelong coach Chris Scott, Part 2: The razor edge of high performance iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 72 Geelong coach Chris Scott, Part 1: The volatile world of an AFL coach iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 71 Off-Field podcast highlights with Danny Green, Caitlin Bassett and Jonathon Webb iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 70 Nidal Rasheed’s lessons from hustling lollies, burn out and building wealth through property iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 69 How Joseph Mencel grew Massive Joes from a side project into a fitness empire iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 68 Jodi Walton and Dani Bieg on the future of work and innovation in recruitment iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 67 Geoff Rohrsheim on his $40 million exit, always being ready to sell, superstar siblings iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 66 Geoff Kwitko on the formula for startup success, data driven entrepreneurship, digitising human behaviour iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 65 Global trend forecaster Kristina Dryza on the past, present and the possible iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 64 Glenn Cooper on what it takes to run the world's top family business, Coopers Brewery iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 63 Melanie and Dean Flintoft on building a global fashion empire from their loungeroom iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 62 Natasha Malani on accessing India, developing leaders and the case for local government iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 61 Magazine editor Farrin Foster on authentic cities, toxic politics and independent media iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 60 Live event: Dan Wright's journey from making beers for mates to a craft brewery business iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 59 TV current affairs veteran Graham Archer on wrongful convictions, justice by media and fears for investigative journalism iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 58 Burns surgeon Dr John Greenwood on the will to live, burn trauma and developing a skin factory iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 57 Chef Luke Southwood on food psychology, the role of a chef in rehab, kitchen counselling iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 56 Live panel discussion, InDaily South Australia Business Index Top 100 event iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 55 Editor-at-Large and Futurist at Forbes Rich Karlgaard on the people and companies driving the next wave of disruption iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 54 Australian hockey captain Mark Knowles on success and failure at the Olympics, how to survive as a semi-pro sportsman iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 53 DemocracyCo CEO Emily Jenke on a new way of decision making, democracy and the opinion trap iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 52 Researcher Dr Bianca Price on the influence of attractiveness in business iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 51 OzAsia Festival Director Joseph Mitchell on how art can unlock the economic boom of the Asian century iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 50 MyBudget Founder Tammy Barton (formerly May) on humble beginnings to shaping the future of money management iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 49 with the Engine Room: Rising Sun Pictures Founder Wayne Lewis on what it takes to run a blockbuster visual effects company iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 48 Sleep apnoea expert Prof. Danny Eckert on the dramatic impact of sleep on your performance and life iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 47 "The Biggest Rooster" Session 3 update: Travel, Caffeine and Bodybuilding iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 46 Art Gallery SA Director Nick Mitzevich on the future of art: Inclusive, innovative, controversial and profitable iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 45 Australian cricketer Ed Cowan on being much more than the "Thinking Man's Cricketer" iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 44 The "Biggest Rooster", Session 2 update: The challenge has become very real iTunes | SoundCloud

Ep 43 Big wave surfer Mark Mathews on learning about fear, business, branding from surfing the world’s biggest waves iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 42 Ask an Athlete panel discussion, live at Mumbrella Sports Marketing Summit 2016 (with Ed Cowan, Sharni Layton, Carol Cooke and Mark Mathews) iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 41 The "Biggest Rooster", Session 1: A new series for getting practical with high performance habits iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 40 Business leader Donny Walford on smashing the glass ceiling for women in business, building better Boards iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 39 Pirate Life Brewing CEO Michael Cameron on brewing success in the business of craft beer iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 38 Robin Freeth on spreading ideas with TEDx, dot com boom and bust, your personal board iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 37 Restaurateur Max Mason on ambitious hospitality, employing murderers and the homeless, reinvention iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 36 Soccer star Bruce Djite the global citizen, politics enthusiast, brand, pro footballer iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 35 Entrepreneur Taryn Williams on building two fashion companies, industry myths, never knowing “normal" iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 34 Business leader and former Governor Kevin Scarce on leadership learnings at sea, commercialising Defence, the case for Nuclear iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 33 Entrepreneur Reece Formosa on recovering from rock bottom, big name partnerships, on-demand anything iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 32 Overcoming challenges, finding purpose - Panel with London bombings survivor Gill Hicks, live at Social Capital Conference iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 31 Entrepreneur and founder of Imagination Media Shane Yeend on extreme entrepreneurship, and lessons learned along the way iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 30 Cycling champion Patrick Jonker on torture at the Tour de France, economics of pro cycling, resilience iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 29 Business leader and dealmaker Marcus Bailey on counter-culture business, investing in entrepreneurs, tall poppy syndrome iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 28 Simple steps to improve your performance, as used by elite teams iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 27 Vinh Giang on the journey from poverty to seven figure speaker, magician and entrepreneur iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 26 AFL champion Matthew Pavlich on vulnerable leadership, "blue chip" personal branding, defining success iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 25 Former South Australian treasurer Kevin Foley on being “too gutless” to be Premier, brutal politics and ruthless negotiations iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 24 Entrepreneur Kathryn Hocking on going from corporate worker to E-Course Queen with $750K revenue iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 23 Business leader and Adelaide Crows chairman Rob Chapman on leading during a crisis, nice guys finish first, South Australia's future iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 22 Nick Deegan on finding the good in tragedy; mixing music, science and law iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 21 Innovation expert Doug Adamson on bombing your interview with Mick Jagger, opportunity, defining innovation iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 20 James "TK" Williams goes from real estate to rap music, mid life crisis at 25, killer criticism iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 19 from Bali: Puja Astawa on business and the "burden" of culture, Bali entrepreneurship iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 18 Business expert Jana Matthews on business growth, the future of education and learning from grief iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 17 Former AFL player turned health guru Kris Massie on holistic health for peak performance in business and life iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 16 Winemaker David Bowley on the business of wine: The experience, community and commercialising passion iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 15 Social media expert Kate Potter on social media for business, monitoring your brand, crisis management iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 14 Real estate company founder Mark Lands on supercharged selling: How to create awesome sales pitches and processes iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 13 What impact will the Bombers doping saga have on the AFL? - The Roosters go to Melbourne for answers iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 12 Business and life transitions, glorifying busy, sweat equity, objectives for 2016 iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 11 Psychologist Luke Broomhall on violence, psychopath criminals and CEOs, and positive psychology iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 10 Investor, entrepreneur and startup mentor Stuart Snyder on school with Steve Jobs, selling the startup vision, Aussie ideas boom iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 9 Mark Stewart on failure, faith & a $10 million business on an Excel spreadsheet iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 8 Journalist Tom Richardson on the media's influence on politics, spin, politicians as leaders, governing business iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 7 Former Adelaide Crows captain Mark Bickley on media life, leadership evolution, retail lessons, footy's personal toll iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 6 Former Port Power captain Dom Cassisi on leading through tragedy, career anxiety and transitioning from AFL to business iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 5 Cricket star Shaun Tait on cashing in on T20 cricket, burning out and setting up for life after sport iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 4 Ben Fitzsimons on the business of basketball, property and an island life with a Beatle iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 3 What can we learn from AFL about team culture? + Digital nomads iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 2 Hospitality entrepreneur Josh Baker on building a personal brand, relationships and culture iTunes | SoundCloud

- Ep 1 Intro to Rooster Radio, Accountability, Banter iTunes | SoundCloud


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